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Name: Arisa


I had felt a backache. Then it happened.

I went to buy rice. When I held the bag of 10kg rice, I heard it went crack when I hurt my lower back.

It hurt horribly, but I could not even shout for the too much pain.

I could not move holding the bag of rice without a word.

Madams passing by looked at me like a weird man and did not say anything.


Finally, an old lady asked me “What happened?”

“Aaah, I cannot move. My back pain… umm.”

“Take care.” Only that?


Do you have a strained back, too? But your male genital function would go down and down if you do not have sex for your back problem!

I recommend you kaishun massage in Sendai.

Kaishun has the effect to recover male genital function by stimulation on the spots.

Besides, it feels good.

No pain and no unpleasant feeling. But you might be addicted because it feels too good.


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