Miyagino-ku Sendai testicle massage



Name: Arisa


Do you think testicle massage is just ticklish?

That is wrong… I can say it.

The good part of testicle massage is not only that you can enjoy several times sexual feeling once you achieve, but also that the massage is very effective to arouse male genital function.


Are you confident about your male genital function?

When testicles are not fine, they hang down loosely with fewer pleats, and the color is like normal skin.


If your testicles are like that, there is a risk your ecstasy reduces.

To make the testicles fine again, the appropriate massage recovers the function of muscles and blood vessels in testicles and restores testicle pleats close to the state of your first ejaculation. At last, testicle function is normalized, and the secretion of male hormone and the production of sperm increased rapidly. And the erection power of your penis improves more than usual.


Excuse me for the long serious talk.

But I do hope men experience the nice sexual feeling of testicle massage soon if you have not tried in stereotype!


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