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Company Profile

Shop name Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club
URL http://www.erotic-massage-sendai.com/
Address Moon BLD , Kozu , Chuo-ku Osaka-city Osaka
※Please note that we don't deal with the customer at our office. Because we have the license of non-shop type.
General Manager Tabe Hikaru
The content of website The official site of Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, the erotic esthe shop in Sendai.
Contact For the customer⇒06-6212-1950
Credit Cards Credit Cards
We accept VISA, Master and AMEX.
※Your information of Credit Cards will be handled by
Star Payment(online payment service company)
License Registerd License of non-stored type, No.19464
(Osaka Public Safety Commission)

Company ProfileSendai Escort Erotic Massage Club

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